We are committed to minimising the impact our activities have on our environment and we therefore aim to follow the following guidelines:

Trade with companies who demonstrate that they either have, or who are developing environmental policies, procedures and systems.

We will actively encourage the use of technology throughout the supply chain, namely e-trading solutions and email, to reduce the amount of unnecessary paperwork and wastage. Our electronic solutions make both our and your business more efficient, saving everyone time, money, wastage and energy.

Packaging Waste
In addition we aim to reduce, recycle and reuse packaging wherever possible. To this end we will provide our customers with free recycling bins for toners and cartridges in order that they don’t go straight to landfill and will promote ‘green’ products where possible.
What DMS Does

  • Recycle and reuse all paper, packaging and plastics that come into our premises
  • Promote and encourage a single source supply solution to reduce delivery mileage and waste
  • Provide a wide range of recycled and remanufactured products
  • Only take supplies from manufacturers with a clear environment policy
  • Encourage and support customers by rigorously recycling

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