Case Studies

Department: Office Furniture
Customer: Consultant – Glasgow

Challenge: We received an enquiry from a company who were looking to move offices within the Glasgow area. The customer had some existing office furniture that they were looking to sell and also some items that they were looking to move to their new premises. They also required some new office furniture for their new offices. They contacted their previous office furniture supplier who was only interested in selling them the office furniture for the new offices. The customer then contacted us to see if we could help.
Solution: We discussed all of the options available to the customer and finally agreed on a fully inclusive solution that comprised of the following over a time restricted period. Repurchase some of their existing furniture, transportation of furniture that they wanted to move to their new premises, installation of new furniture at new premises, guidance on how best to move other office items from one office to another. After a few small niggles which are expected in jobs of this size the customer was very impressed by the full service offered and the final outcome. They stated that they would definitely use us in the future for further office furniture requirements.

Department: Bespoke Office Furniture
Customer: Government Training Department – Falkirk

Challenge: One of our customers contacted us to see if we could help them fit out a number of existing rooms as IT suite’s with each room requiring a minimum number of workstations in each. The customer had been struggling to find a way to fit in standard size office furniture into the rooms without infringing health and safety regulations.
Solution: We arranged for one of our staff to visit the customer and to discuss the many options available. It was obvious that a standard desking solution, pod system or bench system would not work in the rooms due to the unconventional room layouts and curved walls. We suggested a bespoke solution where the table tops and supports would all be made to measure so that they could fit the room dimensions perfectly and utilise all of the available perimeter wall surfaces. Plans were drawn up and approved by the client who requested installation in 4 weeks time to enable the rooms to be decorated. This fitted in well with the delivery times as these types of installation. The customer was very impressed with the end result.

Department: Used Office Furniture
Customer: Property Office – Falkirk

Challenge: A local company had an issue with their current board room table which had been damaged beyond repair. The table needed to be replaced but due to a tight budget the customer was looking for some various options which could enable her to keep her existing chairs.
Solution: Our internal advisor spoke to the customer and after some discussion offered a second hand board room table. We explained that the board room table was part of a much larger unit but once taken apart into its individual sections should be a suitable alternative for the current table. The customer had reservations that the existing chairs may not fit around the new table so we arranged for one of the existing chairs to be uplifted and taken to our warehouse for fitting. The customer was absolutely delighted with the end result which was a high quality board room table at a cost effective price. The customer also commented that although the table was sold as a second hand table that the item was actually in a fantastic condition and was better than what she expected.

Department: Office Furniture
Customer: Lawyers – Edinburgh

Challenge: Our customer required a new modern reception area to be installed within their old sandstone building which contains period features throughout. One particular period feature is a large antique fireplace which is situated in the reception area which had to be worked around.
Solution: The area was measured and a plan was drawn up for a new reception area including a bespoke curved section to take into account the existing fireplace and decor. The client proceeded with our suggested solution and the unit was delivered on time and within budget. The client was delighted with the end result and has had many comments from their clients when visiting on their beautifully designed reception area.

Department: Office Furniture
Customer: Primary School – Edinburgh

Challenge: A local primary school contacted us wishing to upgrade their changing room facilities by taking out old benches and hooks and replacing them with modern, bright lockers within a strict time frame and budget.
Solution: Our representative arranged a site visit to talk through the customer’s requirements, budget and timescale involved. Contact was then made with the main locker manufacturers and comparative quotes prepared detailing features and benefits of each system. The selected manufacturer’s surveyor made a joint site visit to confirm measurements, check access and prepare the drawings for the installation team. The order was placed and installation of 120 lockers over 3 days was completed on schedule within the customer’s original time frame.

Department: Office Furniture
Customer: Travel Agent – Edinburgh

Challenge: A city centre travel firm asked us to quote for a selection of office furniture for new offices they were about to move to. The new furniture was to match as closely as possible the furniture they were already using and taking with them as they were on a tight budget for the entire relocation.
Solution: An initial site visit was made to ascertain the scope of the project, timescale, measure up and identify the current furniture. Drawings and quotation were prepared for board room table, meeting chairs, desking, bespoke screens/fittings, and operators chairs. The order was received with the installation planned and completed on schedule for a narrow time window between gaining access to the new premises and having to vacate the previous site.

Department: Office Printing
Customer: Corporate Lawyer – Edinburgh
Challenge: Our customer used to buy a specific folder that they used for filing for the past 10 years or so. The folders had to be extremely robust to withstand the daily use in the court room and offices. The manufacturer changed the specification of the folder which resulted in the folders having a much reduced lifespan. This caused many issues with their filing system so they asked if we could help.
Solution: After visiting the client we spoke to a number of our suppliers in the UK to see if they could manufacture a bespoke file for this clients needs. We arranged a few mock samples of the files and presented these to the client. In order to keep the costs to a minimum we suggested that a bulk order was placed and the surplus would be held in our print warehouse ready to be called off as required. The customer is delighted with the end result and has recommended us to other lawyers with a similar issue.

Department: Office Supplies
Customer: Financial Services – Glasgow
Challenge: Our customer was due to dispatch a very important document to a client when she realised that her printer had ran out of toner. There were no spare toners in the building and the document had to be posted that day to catch the next collection from the post office to reach the client the customer the next day.
Solution: We managed to source a toner for the customer within 5 minutes of the call and then reviewed where all of our van drivers and sales representatives were located at that time. We identified that one of our reps was in the area and arranged for them to collect the pre ordered toner and deliver the item to the customer. The item arrived within 90 minutes of the customer making the request which enabled her to send out the document on time. We cannot guarantee this level of service to every customer, however when there is an issue we will do our utmost to help.

Department: Office Promotion
Customer: Communications – Glasgow

Challenge: We received a call from one of our customers in relation to a trade show that they were attending. This was their first trade show in a few years and they were looking for some advice on which promotional items could promote their company. They were looking for a fresh approach to this marketing opportunity and asked if we could advise. They were due a visit from a senior company executive at the show so they wanted to ensure that their stand and marketing material gave a good impression.
Solution: The account manager arranged to meet the client and discussed what their objectives were. He went through the options for the customer to show what was available to suit their requirements and suggested some novel alternatives. The client called us after the show to state that the event was a great success and their senior executive was delighted with the image portrayed at the event. They even asked us to provide the same promotional items for their sister branch in Wales.

Department: Office Furniture
Customer: Charity – Glasgow

Challenge: One of our customers got in touch to discuss their current office requirements. They currently had over 100 desks in their offices which were all supplied by us over the years. These desks were configured in a pod arrangement of 4 wave desks. They were looking to expand their staff numbers however they did not want to move offices due to all of the disruption.
Solution: We visited the customer to discuss their current layout, budget and timescales. The customer required a solution that could be implemented on a cost effective basis over a few years. We suggested a simple solution where we would remove a pod of 4 wave desks and replace these with 6 modern straight desks in a modern colour. This covered the same floor area as the wave desks but offered 50% more seats at the pod. The customer could then replace the pods as and when the new staff started with very little disruption to the overall office.

Department: Office Printing
Customer: Enterprise Agency – Edinburgh

Challenge: An industry training body made contact looking for bespoke portfolios and presentation binders for their apprentices to store their course work. The volumes were not large and the items were to be branded with the client’s logo.
Solution: Suitable products were sourced from specialist suppliers and samples presented to the client. Quotes for the products along with branding were prepared, along with the proposal to manufacture a quantity to cover a number of years (to keep per item costs down) with DMS holding the surplus stock in their print warehouse, for call off as required. DMS won the business due to the proactive approach in looking for a suitable cost effective solution to meet the customer’s needs.

Department: Office Furniture
Customer: Property Services – Glasgow

Challenge: Our customer had placed an order for office furniture with us where she was looking to replace all of her existing office furniture. The customer requested that we hold the office furniture at our warehouse until she was ready to accept the order. It turned out that the customer was struggling to source a company that would remove all of her old furniture on a date and time that suited her.
Solution: The account manager for that area contacted our warehouse manager to explain the issue as to why the order could not be delivered. The warehouse manager then arranged with the customer a suitable time and date where he would organise for the old furniture to be removed at the same time as the new furniture was being delivered. This resolved the customer’s issues and enabled her to get the office furniture at a time that suited her.

Department: Office Printing
Customer: Promotional Gift Manufacturer – Linlithgow

Challenge: Our customer currently produces various bespoke notebooks and gift items for their client base. They had a request from one of their clients to produce a notebook which would have a dated and faded look to the pages without incurring any extra cost.
Solution: After some thought we suggested instead of just printing the notebooks with standard black ink , to change to a chosen pantone colour and use the same pantone colour as an overall tint on the background of the paper to produce an aged effect. The client was delighted with this suggestion and agreed to go ahead with trials using a few different pantone colours to see what the final effect would be. The final colour was chosen and the client is now delighted with the overall appearance of the new notebooks as both the quality and look of the finished product has improved.